Make a super-sufficient business in Yalta, even in a low season.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

The article is not advertising, I rarely spend such a type of earnings, although it is proposed regularly. Either the object of advertising does not like, or even a hypothetical idea of it.

That electronic cigarettes are proposed to promote, then banking services, then cosmetics. Not that I am so basic, just hard it is all

And those that are ready to recommend, do not appeal. Offer their services to them, stupidly laziness.

Therefore, I write for free about what causes impressions.

In the center of Yalta there is a wonderful place, called

Before the trip, looked at the forums to find out where in step accessibility you can eat. Cheap callings and expensive restaurants immediately shallow. But a few reviews about this chinkal found.

People are pleased, praises. Many argue that at the ratio of price-tasty nothing is better not to find.

After settling in the hotel headed with his wife there, the benefit of Bristol is only 30 meters.

The appearance of the entrepreneurs of enthusiasm did not cause. A small glass in which there are 10 tables: half with sofas, half with chairs.

The cafe was clogged tightly, we continued to make an order and wait near the entrance. I agreed with reluctance. It is better to overpay, and in food is not too picky. But wait for the noise and fuss, definitely not mine. But it was interesting, there are very few people on the streets, and here the excitement. Apparently there really is, for what to endure inconvenience.

It was necessary to wait for a short time, the staff was very smart. We were satisfied and handed the menu. Ordered tea in clay circles, Hinkali, Chkmeruli, Khachapuri in Ajars, Kharcho and Pahlav. In Kazan for such a set, I give approximately 2000-2500 for two, I paid 1000 here. I am not gourmet, besides, it was pretty hidden, but it seemed tastier here. But, as noted, it is important for me an atmosphere, therefore they filed and quickly dumped from there.

The second RAH came in late in the evening. Half tables were free, and we had dinner in a calmer atmosphere.

I figured out what kind of revenue do. For what has seen, not less than 15,000 rubles. in hour. And it is in the low season. I did not dream of such revolutions. And on the menu saw the proposal on the franchise. Hinkali work in Sevastopol, Simferopol, Alushta, Bakhchisara.

The chip is that the prices of Hinki everywhere are the same — 35 rubles, everything is prepared from natural products and waiting time is not more than 12 minutes. In any case, the landing page on the franchise affirms.

True, part of Hinkali was worth 40 rubles, but served us really quickly.

For myself, this type of business I do not consider any more catering, even for big money. But I will recommend friends. And everyone who is just going to Yalta, I advise you to look here. And if you know where you can taste delicious seafood in the comments, I will be grateful.

All good! Do not postpone life for later, she is too short!