Kystyby — My favorite dish of Tatar cuisine

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Oh, as I recall a carefree childhood, holidays at the grandmother in the village of Nurkeevo Sarmanovsky district of Tatarstan. Wake up in the morning from the first sunny rays and the magic aroma of fried kystyby. One of the brightest and bright pictures in my memory.

Of course the most tasty only for me. There is also Balish, Chipobmak, Duryshmak and many more wonderful national dishes. But Tatar cuisine for me, first of all — a kystyby, and fried on the oil.

My mother prepared a whole mountain, the mother was prepared for her grandmother.

Despite the fact that dishes are very simple, dough and potatoes, every hostess it turns out to be taste different. You need to cook at home and are immediately hot, otherwise the whole flavor disappears.

In local supermarkets, ready-made or semi-finished products are sold, but it’s not all.

And in the city opened a cafe with the same name.

It is very tasty, but still it is not my favorite dish from childhood. Everything is different. But I recommend, here to choose a variety of options: with mushrooms, with meat, with vegetables.

Mom does it.

It pleases that now your favorite dish can be tasted outside of Tatarstan. In recent years ate them in St. Petersburg, in Moscow. I asked the comrades to find in New York, but he did not cope with the task, I didn’t seek badly. But even if there is no time the case is not yet Shawarma and Donner chew.

If you are going to Kazan, then you will definitely try.