Kazan 13.05.2021.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

The last two days did not lay out anything, just hugged her daughter stronger.

The city is shocked by what happened. Not somewhere there, but on the neighboring street … somehow it does not want to cover this event, and I can not. Without it, there is enough versions and analysts.

As always about yourself.

From my childhood, I tried to take off from someone else’s grief. It takes everything too close to heart, even emotional films do not look. Therefore, various tragic situations occurring in the world, perceive removed removed. So it was, it was and will be crashing, fires, war. Cocoon did not allow to dive into the negative. I had enough emotional costs and empathy in my surroundings.

But now everything is different. After the appearance of the daughter, I can not indifferently look at the like. Because I know for sure that I would feel. Even it is impossible to describe. Children.

Blame someone? If I knew how correctly how to secure from the like. How to do without begging and total control. For this there are professionals.

Fighting with systemic evil easier. And how to protect yourself from madness?

All questions to God has already voiced the classic by the mouth of Ivan Karamazov, the answers also received.

And once again asked about what is really important and valuable. Do I put it in the first place in my daily bustle. That’s how one day I will dismiss the annoying daughter in the morning.

Do not postpone the life, and talk warm words, always put your loved ones.

We have one day that no one knows tomorrow. Resenting, household, important things — all this becomes quite unimportant at the time of loss.