Is it worth 40 to conquer the capital after 40?

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

In the last article, I told about the time I refused to build my house. There is a chance of changing the city of residence.

Not that I conduct some kind of analysis to make a decision. Just entered the habit of writing here. Sometimes the necessary answers come.

If you move, then in the capital. Call partners, soil prepared, many relatives and friends have long been there. But the question of next year. Here you have to debug everything.

This thought visits not only me, but also my spouse. Here our home, parents, friends. Age is not for revolutions. And Moscow for the young: run, to hurt, win, break through the walls. The main advantage for young — opportunities.

Recently my sister moved to Moscow. But she is all his life on leadership posts in the bank, for her it is planned development.

But still tight. One thing to live in a quiet provincial city, where everyone knows you, all questions are solved easily, and the gorgeous cottage is just a 15-minute drive from the house. And on the other, dissolved in a huge metropolis, when already under the Poltos.

The income is certainly higher, but the living conditions are no better. You can imagine what you can buy 30 million somewhere in Ivanovo. And in Moscow is not the largest treshka and mortgage to the retirement itself. You can and cheaper, but …

But I do not plan to immediately buy housing and this problem does not care much. Where to live, there is.

More relocation itself. Lucky global change.

And a lot of nuances. My parents and wives are already unawares, you need to help. We, too, help invaluable.

But the experience says that such a step leads to new emotions, mobilizes resources, which means you need to move. And the movement is life.

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