In search of ideal

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Have you ever seen an ideal woman? Well, at least within our own worldship. So that your flaws and poured, and prepared, and cleaned, and let go with friends, and also looked like Monica Bellucci in the best years. Me not. I saw my images from others. But immediately understood that this is all illusion.

Behind each perfect picture are their difficulties and friction. Sometimes heavy and forever swearing spouses live in greater harmony than happy couples.

So what to navigate when you are looking for a soul mate? Under youth, you do not think about this garbage. Like the girl, in the stomach shovel, then everything is fine forward and with the song. Well, on the maiden’s decency still pay attention.

Over the years, everything is more complicated. You begin to understand that life is almost all life. And how it works, depends on his wife. All our harmony depends on how we are Ladim. With problems at work — reliable rear will help. If the problems of the house, then rest will not. At best, workolism will develop.

I understood it. And held in the mind the minimum set of qualities that my spouse should be. By the mind, in interest, for useful and bad habits.

Well, I was lucky, in many ways it has developed. There are deviations, but not critical)))

So, there are no bad habits, the principles are correct and all that. Only not so everything turned out to be. This also needs to fit.

Somehow one familiar told me:

So here the wife is simpler and easier for you. My wife is drowning for a healthy lifestyle and supports the mode, then it will have to take. You demand from my wife a lot, much and should give. There is no healthy relationship otherwise.

I’m easier for me. I have long started changing the vector of my movement, and the wife only helped in this direction. And he does not allow me to get away from the selected path, although I sometimes want to score and go to the reckless sunk.

Some nutrition habits would be more difficult to introduce one. It is possible to one, but if it makes sense of life, it is in development — spiritual, professional and social. And the family is the path too.

Good friends!