In 41, he opened his work, without resources and necessary qualities

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

The very attempt is already akin to the feat. Maybe all this from the inability to take the current state of affairs, or from ambitions that I do not match.

If you read the book Ken Kizi

I have a picture in my head What should be a born entrepreneur. So, I have never fit these pictures. I do not like to communicate, the nervous system is not entirely fine, I have an allergy to infinite problems. Yes, and money is not much motivated. But most of all I do not want to go back to hiring or sit in the swamp.

I am no longer about the level of income, but about the activity itself. Certificate can be focused in serious and interesting projects. In business, they still need to dorat. But even a small case, requires gigantic energy costs. Taxes, Landlords, Suppliers, Frames are infinite flow of problems.

But it all depends on sales. They will not be, so this whole thing becomes unprofitable.

One of the directions is wholesale, but here it seems simpler. Started with the fact that customers appeared. Next, nothing complicated: suppliers found, the warehouse was removed, with logistics, the question was solved, but hemorrh at every step. Well, okay a penny dripping and on the spot it is not sitting immediately invented two other adjacent directions, where the problems are even more.

Here is the age and old neural connections make themselves felt. While you communicate on enthusiasm everything is great, the flow of energy gives the movement, it seems, everything is easier and easier.

When the household starts, and in the morning you understand that it is necessary to solve endless problems, and you know what emotions will you feel, you feel like a squeezed lemon.

No money is needed. But again it is only mine, someone this whole is needed and they feel alive. But I always felt like this in the morning. I remember kindergarten, school, then Suvorov School. Wake up a few seconds before the team — the rise. The body is cowardly in the premonition of the day, first a jog in the cold, then endless occupation and fighting sleepiness.

Slowly breathing and do. Tighten and align. On the day, too, sausage, but the main thing is to get.

Then the evening comes, and again feel satisfaction.

Maybe not the most balanced lifestyle, but I felt every cage, which happens when you do not do when you do not realize what you have. There’s dead end and in the morning, and in the evening.

And now, I look around and see what they repaired in a few months. You can already sell as a working business. With experience and knowledge comes confidence, unreserved problems do not seem so.

Well, it is possible to move peacefully under the heads as part of your expense.

I will not stop and leave this option about the reserve. In the meantime, I will play although it is hard enough.

I will write about my successes and failures …

P.S. I am also asked about the blogger. Is it worth developing? How much does it bring? etc. For me, this is a certain tool for implementing and understanding yourself. He does not bring big money, it does not consist in Nirvana. Yes, I do not strive. I think that there must be high-quality expert channels. And I don’t really bother, I don’t write about others and I do not participate in local disassembly. Not interested. But Chen is grateful to his regular readers.

All good!