If Tatarstan had no oil, would he be one of the poorest regions of the country?

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Most commentators of my articles are confident that the main merit of the relative success of Tatarstan is the presence of oil. And Kazan piano and develops, only due to hydrocarbon reserves.

This has a certain meaning. It is completely exactly that if black gold in the republic was not, we would have observed a completely different story. And not the fact that it would be worse. But for me the question is not in this.

It could not be anything with oil. I am not a fanatic of the current government in the country, but I try to objectively look at things and marry positive moments.

I like the theory that oil and gas is evil for our country. There would be no resources, I would have to think how to survive and otherwise. Perhaps there would be now the most technological power on the planet. And maybe there would be no power. Maybe without resources there was a country on a hundred small countries. Who knows?

And how many countries on the planets do not have the raw material base, and he did not become the leading economies of the planet. Forces and resources enough to patch holes and pay for external obligations.

But the presence of oil does not contribute to stagnation in Tatarstan. I do not know exactly how reliable information of Navalny about the frauds with the Public Company Tatneft. But I personally know those people who moved from old barrices to new apartments thanks to the Domestic Housing Reliable Program.

And after all it began in the 90s, the Koga of free housing was not even dreamed of Moscow.

Tatarstan swears in the clan and the absence of the replaceability of power. But perhaps for today’s realities is not so bad. Could be worse, much worse.

Here they got the opportunity to work in a long. Lower strategies, and systematically turning their plans to life. I see how the governors in the regions are changing now, not even good to enter into the essence of the problems. The leaders are changing commands.

I worked in the authorities in the zero and early tenths. I saw how they were preparing for the Universiade. It was a positive energy. The region is trying to develop technically, makes a bet on intensive growth.

There are workers who in the service want to quietly even sit down, the main thing is to report. They know that the initiative is punishable and try to match the system. There are others, those who take responsibility. Here Tatarstan takes, so the atmosphere has developed over the past decades, and it will continue to continue regardless of who will be in power.

Only my reflections. In any situation, you can find external causes of success or failure. As a result, it is important that we do.

I know. Many of my thoughts will not do not like. Today it is considered a sign of bad tone to praise the power and the current state of affairs. And I do not ponder, not even a supporter. It could be better. It can always be better, always, there is something to crift and over what to work.

But today it is a motto more for my personal life. And by politics, let the supermen are engaged in))))