I wanted both in America and did not put a fence from the street.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I decided my «progressive» familiar to go western way and make an open space in front of the house. In the US and Europe, deaf fences are not built, at best, the backyard will be covered.

He believes that it is not necessary to build a wall, but bridges, strive for unity with the world, and not to isolation. Economic benefits are obvious, the more confident that it is sooner or later they will make it remove. Plus the availability of doctors, police and firefighters. Now not the 90s, and in terms of security it has become much better.

I do not know real reasons. People are divided into those who want to stand out, who does not want to stand out and those who have a little sanity.

I do not like to evaluate, but it seemed to me that the man just wants to shift so that not like everyone else. Speaking, down from dark people who are hiding from everyone in their holes.

But something and expensive reasoned. Really alone brick fences spoil appearance. The desire to close even exceeds the need to shine in front of the world beauty of their sites. And many really have something to see.

Built the house in the middle of the plot, the back part stalled the low fence. In front of the house flooded a concrete platform for cars, and on the sides put the lawn and broke the flower beds.

Problems began immediately. Dark neighbors on the sides put fences from the corrugated floor, and even demanded some of the money from it. The street was gradually built up and soon became similar to a narrow corridor of fences.

A lonely plot without fence immediately attracted attention. Especially taxi drivers who were very convenient to unfold there. But those, if desired, could make this maneuver without visiting private territory. But loaded kamaz, mothers and other special equipment did not have a different opportunity. And constantly the back was poured onto its playground. Oh, how he swore, ran out and houses with fists. Drives, not arranged by intelligence, did not climb in the pocket. Maybe not too often it happened, but he really began to wind himself.

In winter, problems began with a local defense. They play, be worn, from the snowdrifts in the windows look. And once the tractor was cleverly cleaned the street and the whole bunch of a crust on his plot. Rugacles again, nerves.

And the neighbors retirees do not give normally to engage in cases, come and stand over the soul, then something is asked, they tell about their problems. Local dogs also chosen a cozy lawn

He understood then that there was no more european. Early even abandon the fences on our street. But I did not turn to the end, put the stacker viewed.

Maybe the fence is a relic of the past, but I cannot uncomfortable without it. And I already change it hard. Although we have a cottage, and there were almost no fences there. Nothing — I lived normally, did not remember about the aquarium.

I believe that people should have a choice. As part of a reasonable, naturally.