I want to hire people over 35 people, and my partner for young people.

29 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

The answer seems to be on the surface — everyone pulls for their own. I am for 40, he also has 30, but there are also more weight arguments.

His position

It is based on the position of the vacancies that we offer are considered starting, and therefore for young people. Normal people work in such positions, only in 18-25 years.

Then grow or stick in the swamp, because they cannot or do not want to develop. Probably due to the lack of some professional qualities. From the young you can grow personnel for business.

Middle and older people are often indispensable pros. But they will not work to work by sellers for 1500 per day. And if you compare with those who will go who will not rise above this level, then youth will benefit from greater flexibility, intelligence, sociability and training.

Yes, and our customers are mostly teenagers, moms with children and young couples. In one language with them will be talking.

My position

I tried to work for the counter, and it turns out to talk. Experience will not drink, maybe I do not own adolescent slang, but I understand how to communicate with whom.

I agree in something. There are even their arguments in favor of a young worker — it will be easier for me to part with him, in case of its inconsistencies. It is easier to drive him, and perceive the physical complexity of work. Although I myself completely cope.

There are people who are ready to work for the money. The life is complex, and sometimes people sucking. Many talented sellers, hairdressers, cooks cannot break through a certain bar, but they work well in their place. And the turns of fate are cunning.

In addition, the «ours» will be more responsible. I would like to say that they do not jump from place to place when young are always looking for where better. But these are more my speculations. Everyone wants where better, but over the years it is more difficult for change.

If a person knows how to work, he will be invested in every place.


A partner is engaged in the selection, because he will work with them in daily contact. Basically come 20-year-old girls, and until the normal state has formed. One after a day you need to go anywhere in the day, the second one does not fulfill the tasks, the third frankly says that it is temporarily and deal in the nuances of the desire. And everything is constantly in the phone, what is the communication on the same wave.

Such work for them is not a question of survival — no value has no value. We are looking for further, without any restrictions on age.

In the coming time will be needed: an accountant, driver, supplier, administrator, not needed temporary passengers. I will pick up the poet personnel myself.

All good!