I tried to talk with women in male.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Once, in the first year of living together, I made an almost fatal mistake. I decided to leave my spouse for March 8 without flowers. Well, what is the money to spend, if you can buy a more practical gift. No, I’m not about multicookers and frying pan. I thought to make you chant the beloved handbag or dress. And even better to take a ticket for a weekend to the hotel. At the same time, I would have received my dose of impressions. Rationally?


But for her egocentrism received in full. The spouse was still in the position. Long explained me as life arranged. The bottom line is that it is impossible women who love flowers, leave without them on holidays. This concerns not only March 8 and the birthday, but also the birthday of children, Valentine’s Day, etc. If you follow this simple rule, then many troubles in life can avoid.

Oh and not just given this period. The emotionality of his wife sometimes broke, and I did not know how to behave. All calls for sanity broke about the phrase —

I am sincerely tuned to mutual understanding in relationships. I want to know what she feels why it reacts so that it is afraid. But I cleared for myself that I would not achieve the ultimate success in this matter. But in this and the charm, in this and value. This mystery is one of the components of successful relationships and deep senses.

Sometimes it is difficult, and sometimes amazing and fun. But it is better than sitting in a swamp. And in difficult situations, flowers always saves. I try to give them to all familiar women. Everything is simple and no need to break your head. Moreover, today it is possible to do it remotely.

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