I pass three-week training from the state to get 200,000 on your business

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I am skeptical to state programs. The employees simply do not have due motivation to make a quality product. Even infotsygans are fighting among themselves for customers and try to create competitive advantages.

It rarely happens that the project is engaged in the official of the official.

I have experience free training and applying for a grant. For a long time, one familiar tax score recommended never to contact these projects. You will get a penny, and blood will be added to millions. And even the case is not in the reports. When you open your little business, no one will touch you for the first years.

If there is a standing idea, then money and so can be found.

In addition, freebies relaxes and very rarely projects from such irrevocable subsidies are obtained. But all things for the inappropriate use above the roof.

This went here for the sake of interest, the more I am self-employed. I paid for 100,000 taxes already. What do they hang dead cargo?

The basis of the business is decorated for IP Spouses, now I want to hang part of the load on yourself. For example, tailoring case for pillows and sale on Vaildberiz.

As a result of training, we must make a request and get money.

I wrote yesterday that I don’t know whether the money for trading on marketers will give. Most likely yes, because in the schedule of classes there is a whole unit dedicated to this topic. In addition, there will be topics about taxes, accounting, analytics, marketing, sales, social networks, business plans, project preparation for subsidy, etc. Each lesson is 2 hours. Total 13.

The course began the young Kazan entrepreneur who spoke about his experience, about promising areas and about where and how to get investments where to seek help, etc. All in the case and a lot of useful information.

Usually, such programs led employees of the ministry and stupidly read lectures on textbooks, now attract experts.

I think even without a subsidy, such training will benefit. Similar programs are now implemented in all regions. I recommend getting acquainted, it will not be worse!

All good✊.