I live alone, chasing a taxi.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Taxi drivers people are interesting. There are several people among my friends. We are confident that temporarily transit was in this area. But this time period lasts for several years. They become similar to typical representatives of this profession: slightly cynical, rough and all-knowing.

But there is one who deliberately chose this path, although the prospects in life were much more global. At one time was the young director of the famous network store. But not even this is the essence. Mind, education at the level, the horizon of the broadest. And not superficial knowledge. I was introduced with him a common friend who gives an apartment. Several times sat for a glass of tea, reflecting on various philosophical themes.

I received good in several sentences to tell his story and life position. I think you will be interested.

«… Everything in life went beautifully. Parents helped break through, and he himself was not a fool. I didn’t drink, I studied easily, I was fond of sports, earned well.

He married successfully, but quickly disappointed and divorced. I do not want to talk anything about this. Only the fact that my egoism and joint existence with anyone are incompatible.

And life continued to disappoint. It was sick of foolishness to ourselves, chiefs and especially girls who perceived me as a profitable version of marriage.

And in general, the modern world began to lose interest. Around the sect, esoteric, religious fanatics, everyone is moving to escape from ourselves and be afraid to recognize the meaninglessness of their own existence.

I did not immediately come to this decision, the years went. There were options to become a climbing or an industrial climber, but there is too vigorously. With a taxi, everything is easier — connected and you can work.

And hiring — slavery. Business too. Yes, and any freelance sucks energy, be healthy. And here his car, sat down — went. I can not leave the apartment from the apartment and get from this buzz.

I am not an opponent of women, football, show business and politicians. Just this is all the drum. Yes, I am an egoist, but it’s honestly talking about it.

Although I like to help, but I do it for myself.

I also live like a monk. In the apartment of a telephone for games, a console, books, hookah. I love to cook. That’s all life. With women do not meet more than two times.

Taxi? Freedom is certainly relative here. I thought that would also temporarily, I will find a free and interesting way of existence. But I miss everything, earning about 70 not straining, it used to go anymore. There is no point in life, but I wonder how it all ends … «

On the one hand, it seems that a person has chosen consciously his way and no regrets are experiencing about this. But it seemed to me that there is sadness, which does not believe to the end in your choice. And who believes?

In fact, there are a lot of such people. In St. Petersburg construction sites, I didn’t see any unicorms. Philosopher, professors, directors. For myself, I understood one thing that just everyone lives and comes as it can at the moment. Therefore, it is not necessary to be especially soared.