I found the goods for Wildberries, and on other marketers, it is completely split.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Some want to end me in incompetence. In vain. I openly say that it is not an expert in marketers, just a seller with a little experience, which is divided by his experience, successes and mistakes.

The topic was interested in me, so the level of motivation to understand the mechanisms of work is large. I brand and write as it is. And here very interesting mechanisms and algorithms work.

The main business is associated with food. The guru says not the best product for sale on these sites. Although, the same dried mango became a real hit.

Drinks quietly sold

We began to look for an interesting and promising product for testing. Many are advised to start with wholesale markets, for example, buy a small batch in the gardener, and if the goods go, then buy directly from China. We did easier.

I wrote that our friends producing cool pillows and mattresses. Not just analogues of ascons, but use the same materials and even better. The fact is that they are representatives of the Egid plant, the largest foam manufacturer in Eastern Europe, which is used in their products market leaders.

And the price is lower three times than that of the same axons. As I tried the products, I myself bought myself and mattress and pillows.

At the same time, they traded themselves and say that the best sells on

There are less competition and low platforms. For all about all 20%. For comparison, we sell juices for Wildberry for 120 rubles. Of these, about 60 are assembly, logistics, etc. And until recent and acceptance cost 15 rubles. for units goods. Our cost is almost 45 rubles. Profit minimal. And competitors in the category of non-alcoholic drinks hundreds of pages.

But on Vaildberry, and on ozone, we learn to promote ourselves with the help of internal and external instruments. I will share your experience on the canal.


If suddenly who need something here

If you write a review, I will recall on Sberbank Card 200 rubles. And in general I will be grateful.

Good luck in all your endeavors friends. If you have questions, write to the mail.