I drove on Food City.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

In Moscow now. You need to find several positions for your business, find suppliers, solve the issue with logistics. Moscow friends brought me to the biggest food market, countries where they themselves are purchased in bulk.

Interesting place. For me, it was always a mystery as thousands of sellers who traded about the same at the same prices can survive on the huge space.

It is possible to wander long on the same and unnoticed rows. I remembered how in the 90s came to the Moscow worried market and jumping on endless rows of tents, in absolute chaos. Now everything is civilized. No one is missing for hands with screams — «Brother come in, do not ask prices, everything is free, just symbolically will take for the efforts.» All adequate and polite.

The times have changed.

But still such places are very powerful for me. For several hours I found 16 km. I wanted a lot of things to look to compare prices, take a picture, but managed to minimize. But I found what you need.

The only one, compared the prices of vegetables dried fruits. They are not very different from Kazan.

But I needed drinks, coffee and sweets. That’s where everything was much more interesting. Prices were not only about the below Kazan, but also below those presented on the Internet. If in the «metro» the price of a package of Arabic 1080 rubles, on Ozone on stocks can be taken over 680, then it costs 550.

I immediately introduced me to the largest suppliers and manufacturers of water, which still dropped prices. Although the managers on the phone assured the prices of the dealership, and below is simply impossible.

Showed warehouses located right there, freight elevators, deckaders. They told how delivery occur, how products are stored, as the goods are shipped.

For the sake of savings, for yourself, I would not go here. It is easier for me to overpay than to spend all day for this bustle. In the weekend it is probably a crowd. But if you buy in bulk, then the very thing.

Justice for, I must say that everything here is beautiful and fresh. In contrast to the Kazan markets, they have not seen a standing strawberry, torn persimmon and fading salad. And the paid parking is unpleasant, not so much money is a pity as an extra bustle and queue at the bandwidth.

The sellers themselves say that the format is such a format of trade dies and they are ready for this, but I will write about it separately.

On the knees sketched, as commentators are expressed — «Nothing.» I promise, on arrival to make a deployed article, with a detailed overview.

All good !!!