I do not drink 7 years, I do not hurt myself and others.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

It seems to be some advantages from a sober life, but not everything is so simple … yes no, everything is simple! I just want to lay down, to brake with windmills and your own demons.

«.. Well, you live boring Lech. Almost heel became, you don’t see friends with friends, do not drink, I have been in my family and work. You limit yourself with some modes. And then what is the old man yet? You just need to live and enjoy.

In our years, not so much pleasure can be allowed to afford. And the alcohol is an easy, accessible and male heat source and joy. Life -Baby, with small gears. And what could be better than sitting behind a glass with friends …!

Yes, nothing, so I thought for many years. And now I will not discharge anyone. If the drink does not harm and know how to drink, then for the sake of God. I would not refuse.

But the person who said to me, never saw me drunk. I always sober and apparently boring.

And those who know for a long time, such words do not speak. Just the opposite periodically ask how to refuse, than replacing this burda, even as an example, they lead me, to those who were not in life in life.

Always ready to share experiences and help people get out of the pit. I know that only experience is valuable, and advice and reproach will only exacerbate the problem.

There are only a few people in my life, but this is more than enough. They are glad, parents, wife with daughter.

Although sometimes I want to show the spouse, as I can. Well, in order to grant my sober feud. And then she does not particularly believe my fairy tales about the past life.

Those who are not particularly happy with a long time ago. It was just that nothing but alcohol united us.

Alcohol and manipulation of things are easily compatible. Using always experiencing inside the guilt and shame.

The sobriety helps to honestly look at things, not to steam about someone else’s opinion and distinguish paramount from the secondary. He began to put his interests above strangers, who frankly sent someone. Near now only the most important.