I bought a business on Avito for 100,000. How much I beat off for January holidays

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I wrote already on the channel, which acquired an island in a small shopping center Kazan. We last developed a wholesale business and sale through the Internet. But they received a request from customers that a live point of sale of our products in retail is necessary.

They calculated the version of the store in the largest shopping center of the city, open recently, but the price tags are starting there from 100,000 per month for the kiosk of 8 square meters, which must be ordered from them. Inserting a million in the desire experiment was not.

And then I was caught an announcement of the sale of a mini cafe with Hong Kong waffles and hot ice cream. The price of the issue of just weave. In addition to the island itself, the freezer, two waffles, 2 refrigerators, freezer, coffee machine, microwave, cooler, blenders and a lot more.

It was naive to think that the point brings at least some profit. But we decided to look. They made a deposit of 5,000 so that the ad was removed, and for several days, they were observed over the flow of people, communicated with buyers.

December is not an indicator, but sales were. The revenue was 4-6 thousand per day, at a break-even point of 3.5 thousand to quarantine below this amount he did not fall, and sometimes reached 15 thousand per day.

But it was important for us to put your goods, and send a stream through the social network. Every second visitor in the insestrams asks where you can drive live to see and buy.

A week was considered and coordinated with the TC administration a new format of the island. Their condition was that ice cream and waffles remain, and we can sell their sweets right there.

The contract signed, together with the equipment, we still got about 20,000 ingredients: mixtures, toppings, syrups, coffee. If we purchased the same new technique, it cost more than 200 thousand.

From January 2, they began to work. And only for cash. The acquiring was connected in a few days, and the online cash office after the holidays. But already on January 2, the revenue was more than 5000. The next day it increased to 8. And about this level was held up to the 11th. About a third of the turnover was our products that we just put in free places.

If rudely, the point earned almost 20,000. The first working week worked in zero. But you need to take into account that the period after the holidays is a permissive for everyone. In addition to the city, 30 degree frosts collapsed, and immediately behind them the strongest snowfall. January 16, on Saturday, sold by almost 7,000.

About any profit is not yet to speak. Only invest: in design, advertising, equipment. But even in this form, everything works much more optimistic than we assumed.

There is a basic profitable direction, so you can work for a long time without unnecessary nervous.

The topic is cool. But purchases are mostly impulsive, going to the case. Do not depend on the passability of the shopping center. But if only for the sake of ice cream here, hardly someone will go, then for sweets already come

And yesterday they connected Deliviri and got the first order. In turn of Yandex Food.

In general, playing. I will write about the successes and failures in the Delnah.

Take care of yourself!