I am looking for an employee for 1500 per day wishing not.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

What crisis and real average salary is below 25,000.

Clearly, the money is small. But someone enhances much smaller. In any case, not those who receive more than 50,000 rubles are indignant about the average salary in the region.

Work is not necessary, but nothing supernatural is required. Small ice cream cafe in the Kazan Shopping Center. Coffee, cocktails, ice cream and fried waffles.

But on the other hand, I was looking for a new job for my friend and suggestions a little. For 20-25,000, it can be found in the guard, and at a construction site. In the local security service earn 1200 in 12 hours, the schedule is two in two.

But even most of the expert vacancies are offered less than 40,000. It became interesting what kind of work the girls are looking for, if there is no education and experience.

Asked those who are in sight.

It turns out to become agents to work with real estate and earn 200,000 rubles. in the month Especially there are live examples.

Objectively, to cry out before the camera and have millions from tick current, too, not everyone will succeed. And the economy will not stand.

If 40 summer objectively look at things, then you don’t want to lose your young time, it seems that there are so many opportunities around. Everyone dreams to get 20% financially successful.

I know that I don’t want to invest in those things with which you do not associate the future. Temporary options are perceived. Units are able to work with the soul, regardless of what they do.

Fortunately, one such girl works with us. Learn in medical for the 4th year, with cooking and sales of our fate binds. But I am sure, she will succeed in everything, whatever it would be.

The second is not yet. He worked himself behind the counter, he did much more heavier things and no less creative.

At the end of 90, the temple in the Laishevsky district of Tatarstan was restored. The work was not only heavy, but also dangerous. And in some places there is so jewelry that not every sculptor will cope. Earned $ 350 for almost 2 months of work, 12 hours a day. Enough even go to Turkey.

And here ice cream with waffles — entertainment, not work. It means not so sad, and the choice is still there.