How to reboot life if not young?

29 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

About this is my channel. A very important and difficult topic on how to adjust the uncomfortable fate. If it is in principle possible.

Even the most global changes are possible, at any age, the people are chosen from the bottom itself. Here just few people believe in your own choice. It is easier to rely on fate. I believe only in one thing, the result will be different if you do something otherwise.

Interesting and external changes, and internal. With money, healthy lifestyle, marriage and moving — easier. It seems to be understood how to change and where to move. And what to do with eternally dissatisfied head?

A few days ago I got acquainted with a good guy. He was passing in our city, and acquaintances asked to help with some issues. While rode, talked about life. He told him about his blog, about acquaintances who build a new life. He was from our — of those who do not want to sit in the swamp)))

«… I have a lech of you so much. What unicorms did not seek. Up to 35 years old served 5 times. On the little things, theft is mainly. The last time I received 2.5 years for fraud. What I didn’t get out of my life, what nastiness just did not firm in my body. And after all, well, healthy, sober and energy wagon. I do not want to blame fate, but not lucky with time and surroundings.

6 years ago released. This was my youthful Murku sang and seemed that it would still be. And then fails the awareness that everything is profound, there will be nothing already.

Just went to work. It is hard if officially never worked, all the left schemes. As started at the end of the 90s and led the curve. I drove cars, snapped cheap foreign cars in the neighboring regions, it was sold here with a small cheating. Now I learned on the estimator, found the guys builders who are offered to work together.

Even until the last time he was lucky to meet a good woman. Now we live, three sons grow. Bought a house 80 km from Perm. Not any hat, but a real Russian house with a stove, with a bath. Pictures will send how to come back. Yes, and I will describe my experience, even though I am neither a writer.

Blog cool, only few stories. May ask readers to send their own. It is important — share experience. He only has the value … anyone has something to say if it is true. What do you know the life of the gustable pots, who teach success on the Internet?

Ask people, they will not refuse. Many will be interested to tell about themselves. I would read myself with pleasure …. «

In general, I wait for a detailed story from Mishani. And you send your stories about victories and defeats, about the swamp and changes. You can with photos, you can anonymously. Mail