How to do business if there is not enough energy in the morning?

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

No strength — this is still Polbie. Some processes occur painful, tension in the body. All medical examinations are passed. In general, I know the reason, then you need to take my own features. But now I will not climb into psychology. I will tell you about my ways how to start and live a productive day if in the morning it’s rather dead than alive.

Yes, it is so, for me it is extra experiences, care and problems. But at the same time, joy, energy and satisfaction.

And, probably, the most spent energy is not to destroy problems, but for self-organization. Make yourself act when you can not do it. In hiring easier, although the work itself may be hard. There you are getting rid of many internal trading. But at the same time there is relative freedom.

Who has that on the scales, he chooses.

In whatever mood I did not fall asleep, wake up killed and sick. This happens for many years. Now it has become easier, I have the opportunity to smoothly enter the work.

I do not rush to drink coffee, catching moments of awareness, slow down, trying to listen to the taste.

I read the Sport Express on a 35-year-old habit. In recent days, I watched the final in swimming at the Olympics.

If I sleep more than 8 hours, less than 6, I go down after 12, I feel worse.

Previously meditated, but now there is not enough time. I prefer the warm-up, but I do everything consciously, I try not to think about anything.

Then water treatments and tea with herbs.

By this time it looks like a person.

I start working.

Zen, analyst on marketers, writing letters, financial analyst. It is better to do it in the morning. In 9-10 I leave and try to finish all the cases until 16-00. It is often impossible, but on vacation, sport and communication with the family time always leave.

Now I will rent a small review and attach to the article a little later.

Nothing ordinary, how many people did not torture, no one knows a special secret. Someone since childhood is in order, someone is not very, and live. The main thing is not to suffer and not focus on these states, it worsens the situation once every 10.