How much do you earn, invested 200,000 rubles.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I wrote about my island repeatedly. Bought it at the end of last year per 100,000 rubles, even about the same as much as they spent immediately: rent, mixes, products, evortion, etc.

I am asked to tell you whether to do it? Does she bring at least some income?

Despite the fact that the point works in a small plus I persuader to sell it. Just loading large in other destinations and distracted for several hours a week there is no desire. Not for the sake of 70-100 thousand. All this was stood. Namely, this income can be released, ate a little to invest. Optionally financially: independently move in social networks, come up with promotions, expand the range.

But 100,000 for the region is a good amount, given that many work less than 30,000 per month. If you take one seller and change with him, then quite real earnings, even without investments. Alone without weekends, it will not work. Yes, it is not necessary for nafig.

Large stress does not bring, you can enter the calm mode. If you work with the soul, then customers will always be. When I start to fry the ice cream, the people are immediately going and orders. They ask for an additional fee to allow themselves to cook ice cream, remove the video for tickle or pofotkat.

If there is something to invest, you can go to another level. Change design, work menu, add fresh juices, organize exit events, create a network or franchise. For such a development, entrepreneurial skills and other resources are needed. But if the point will show a good result, you can find specialists or partners who will help scalable.

I am sure that business is not for everyone. But the like business you can not call. Rather, a small business is a hobby that will help, increases income, and perhaps and find your calling.