How much did it earn a month on Wildberries?

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

All information on the network on sales on the marginal inspections is divided into superpositive, mainly from info-businessmen and negative, from those who suffered losses on these sites.

I know those who spit after such experience and know those who are successfully traded. Yes, the lining happen, the goods are lost, the costs are huge for the logistics, competition is growing, and the prices are lower than the cost. But still people work.

I will write about your experience.

After you have tried the shipping scheme on drinks, we decided to make a more chassis. Namely orthopedic pillows with a memory effect. They produce our acquaintances in Kazan.

Tests for sample 24 pieces to the Kazan warehouse and 48 in the swiedy.

We started with 17,761 positions in the category Bedding

But for the month they rose to the 400th place. At first, the pillows were sold slowly, but as soon as they launched advertising, it went.

We take the goods to implement, and part of the cost of advertising pays the manufacturer. A total of 25,000, 10 of which are spent on Promotion.


And yesterday they set a record for orders — 20 pcs. per day. I want to note that our product has a high percentage of redemption.

It is necessary to urgently at the warehouse, and our order will be ready for Monday. In no case can not allow the goods to end, otherwise the rating will fall.

How many margin?

According to calculations, it turns out 300 rubles from the pillow, minus tax, packaging and delivery. We were delivered to the central warehouse by passing cargo. Now we will ship in Kazan.

On average, the marketplace for logistics and storage is taken as much.

For 34 days we ordered 55 pillows. Our 17,000 minus 10,000 per ad. Not much. But pleases the tendency if we leave for 30-40 sales per day, then everything will immediately become more interesting.

No advertising, about all troubles and problems I write on the channel.

Let it be for now.

All good!