He married 37 and immediately encountered a pregnant emotional woman.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Many people write me in a personal about the fact that they cannot build a personal life. No acceptance of your loneliness, but there is a lot of fear. Ask council. I do not know how correctly, I can only share your experience.

There were a lot of experiences. Not really believed that he was capable of family life. Yes, and now sometimes I doubt that I cope well.

For 40 years it is not easy to change the lifestyle. I am also introvert and the little irritable. I love minimalism, purity and silence. And then the woman appeared in the house. Yes, an entrepreneur-makeup artist with his junk. Yes, an emotional extrovert with a bunch of girlfriends.

It seemed that the roof would begin to move. Well, okay, time for grappling you need to give yourself and not to do hasty conclusions. Be patient a couple of years. If it does not work, then no marks.

Began it means to live, the apartment bought old, but then the treache, so that you can hide apart. Everything pulls me to read or watch a movie, but to walk it, to visit, etc. But okay, everything is nothing. Somehow it turned out to be negotiated, writing in sanity. And then the pregnancy happened. It became quite fun.

And everything is against the background of a collapsed business and loss of work. Now I remember, funny. And then it did not seem so. All thoughts were in the head. Once the wife did not cause a little police when he did not find me at home and could not get through. Now even this does not remember.

And a few days before delivery, we were taken into an infectiousness with poisoning. That was the test. Ringed hard. But the worst thing is that if the childbirth came, they would have to give birth there, in his hospital would not accept from there. I had to ask the head to be discharged earlier. But I’ll write separately.

And then the child in the house, crying, feelings are incomprehensible. Even in your hands to take scary. These baths, bathing, diapers …

Ride to south, cutting teeth. Well, where are the Lech in the old age of the years? And my wife does not even jump around the mountains. Now I understand if she was the same as me, then over time, I would probably stop going out of the house. And so moving, at least there are pictures

People and later fathers parents become, but they know what I go. Not first. And then step into the unknown.

Now everything seems fun and easy, but the moments were complex. Like a whole life. What to be afraid? Of course, it is possible to sit down in quiet, but here you can solve myself.