He dumped from his wife to the village to throw off the tension.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I took myself a little vacation for rebooting. Leave from the family. So drop the tension when I feel that emotionally overloaded.

In such a condition, it is easy to quarrel, break, lose control, say and do, then what will be sorry later. And in no case, under the load of emotions, it is impossible to make decisions.

In my family, such escape is normal. In any case, they do not charge. I’m leaving.

Someone drinks, someone fishing or runs into the garage, and someone is simply no need. I have so.

He came relaxed, remembered his bachelor life. True without an alcohol. Included the box, scored on the whole mode, and just tupil, devouring dumplings and vegetables with a bed.

And in the afternoon I decided to enslave myself with my hands, unsuccessfully turned and nervously pulled in the back. Do not rake. Comrade-doctor arrived, prescribed beddown for several days and made the necessary injections.

To be honest, I did not upset at all. The nerve pinches once a few years and the algorithm of actions is clear. But only it became easier for his back, as noted that a small wound on his knee began to push and in a day he swallowed and droves. Abscess was formed.

That’s how vacation turned out.

At night, I drove into the duty hospital, where I was cut, removed the pus and put the dressing. Now resting for a few more days, but you yourself can not cope. And the family is already in a hurry using

I have a one familiar persecuted on psychomimetics. He probably would explain against what my body protests and what are the deep psychological reasons in violation of health. Although I seem to know myself. In any case, the rest does not hurt. And I’m going as a 20 year old.

And I’m not knocked out of the gauge such situations. You know the reason, you know what to do. Worse when you hang in uncertainty without strength and energy.

The conclusion is such that it is necessary to rest, but to remain in difficult situations without help is not the best choice. The notorious glass of water may look different. And not only in old age.

All good!