He asked the familiar Jew. Share the secret of financial success.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Over the past few months of entrepreneurship, many new acquaintances and partners have appeared. Among them are Jews. He faced with representatives of this people repeatedly, and always interested the phenomenon of their success.

I will not go into global reasoning and dig in history. Although at one time I got acquainted with various theories and the peculiarities of the people.

But to start a joke

I am interested in today’s success. And it’s not even money, despite the fact that they are the most rich people in Russia and in the United States.

They are not only bankers, financiers and jewelers.

There are no numbers at hand, but I know for sure that about 30% of Nobel laureates in the 21st century — Jews. At the same time, they constitute only 0.2 percent of the entire population of the planet.

It has always believed that the key to success in a certain upbringing and ancient teaching, on which they rely in all their affairs, plus the community helps.

But even if they are tearing off from their, Jae, if atheists still achieve success. I do not know any bucharika or handyman. But I personally know teachers, scientists, musicians doctors. Yes, our pride is the greatest physicists of the Soviet era: LDA Landau and Zhores Alferov and poets: Boris Pasternak and Joseph Brodsky. Such success due to tricks do not achieve. Only talent multiplied by labor.

And the point here is not only in relationships and money. There is a completely different attitude to business and professionalism.

Partner is only 20 years old, studying in Moscow State University and builds his business in parallel. Knows four languages. It has the opportunity to study in the USA and Israel, but chose Russia. That’s what he told about success

«… I don’t know what specifically the secret of success. This is a combination of factors. We really have a community and we go from childhood to synagogue.

Most relatives and acquaintances are respected people, although not all rich. In such an environment, it is impossible not to develop. The family and the word parents are very important.

Being poor not sin, sin does not work or work badly. This applies to learning. Education is a very important component. Success. Parents are early learned to the independence of responsibility, but the education of children is invested. I was engaged in tutoring, but I dreamed faster to start working.

I am an ordinary person, I want to have fun or sometimes just escape to a safe place. But it does not stop me. Satisfaction from the results is much stronger feeling than laziness or fear.

And still unity. We know each other and help, even at a distance. To say there, and honesty for us the basis of everything. Once faced with a deception, you will not have more things with a person.

Although there are different among us. Alcoholics are also there, but it is rather an exception.

And you need to do. Do not spend energy for accusations, envy, criticism. Just everyone should do their own business, do not be afraid of new, develop and result will be. And if you change anything, only to scold the government, Jews, storms in the sun, the results will be the same as today, and yesterday …. «