Generation of 40 year olds.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I am not trying to give a characteristic of all generation or somehow mournful it. Rather, trying to figure out his own past and today’s landmarks.

I often read in blog blogs, as my peers throw a familiar lifestyle and are solved on the cardinal changes. Someone throws a successful career and leaves north, and someone in the hottest points. Several of my acquaintances after 30 sat down for the ram and concerns the country’s expanses. On Zen read one blogger, who became a trucker in 50 years, having a successful business.

Perhaps the case is not a generation, but at the age when there is a serious revaluation of values. To live early, and past goals lost their meaning. If earlier the life of Mono was stretched and planned, now the world changes too quickly.

More uncertainty in the professional sphere. And perhaps the financial issue itself lost the motivational component.

And at war, many are confident to war not for the sake of high ideas, but to shake your own life.

Remember in the film War, Gostyukhina, lies in the hospital and tells the son of life. «There was a strength and left all. Eh now would stand up on the War Vanka … «


To someone to feel peace, you need to remove from the society, and someone can only find it in the bora.

Someone found her place with the world, someone suffers and put a cross on himself, someone successfully implemented. Normal generation.

We were preparing a little to another life. And did they prepare?

I myself want to break somewhere, to change everything, check yourself for strength. Or it’s just a desire to escape from reality, alcohol is currently not in my life. And the series of books do not cope with this task.


I write again. So it’s time to take a little vacation and fall in the forest. We plan to the May men’s company. Necessary.

And listen to yourself, and to do a breather in your battles. You recommend friends. Instead of running in alcoholousuz, it is better for a couple of days in the forest with a tent. Maybe there will be an understanding that we actually want from life. Or she wants from us.