Friends ask for help with additional income.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I very often hear criticism. And here, in society. This is the favorite theme of all conversations. About doctors, politicians, communal services. Sunday himself.

Business in Russia is honestly not to do, not earn money on Zen, marketers throw.

People are absolutely confident in their statements. So more convenient to change anything.

But it turns out someone. These calluses are deprived of peace. Most likely lucky or hand shaggy.

It is clear that for business you need to possess the qualities that the majority is not, but there is always a solution. Find your sphere in Freilance, or engage in business in what you can. The rest is given to partners or the hired manager.

That’s even on Zen, I was signed on ordinary people, workers, pensioners who lead interesting channels and earn. They are closer to me than there are five and travelers. They have a real life. And they were able.

90% of businesses are closed in the first year. What is it like? Wanted with minimal timing and costs to go into profits.

Recently came to one store for children, the woman-owner sells there. He says that it closes, the business in our country will not build. That year opened, purchased the goods and sits on the market. So she even has an IP and other documents, nobody came to her with check. And one negative.

I asked her about advertising, promotion, traffic, accounts in social networks. Nah, I did not hear, people themselves must come.

Of course, this approach has no chance.

Or my acquaintances. I honestly told them what I did and how much did it earn. None could write more than a week. And I am before going to the monetization, Klelel 24 days. And then.

One was lucky, a few videos went, but I still scored. And they say that Laja, Yandex is moving away, and I flew successfully at one time.

But I created two more channels for a friend and spouses. He brought to the coin, they also do not write.

There is not enough persistence and self-organization. That’s all. You do not need to be smart and sociable, cheerful and with iron rods instead of nerves. You need to be able to put a goal and go to it, I can’t go through Jaha.

It does not work so, you need to try otherwise, search for solutions. Return to the level where it was, never too late.

But the ego is perfectly defended to protect the psyche from unnecessary experiences, makes it simply impossible to believe that it is simply impossible, and who claims the opposite — Lgut. That’s all rationalization.

But why do others convince others?

But they are the last money carrying money in the pyramids. And where did everything be fastened? Yes, just do nothing. Everyone and immediately want.

In serious business, a serious approach is needed. Sport, business, creativity — no matter.


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All good✊.