Found production for which it is not ashamed.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

The word is shame here is not entirely appropriate. For my generation, despite youth in the 90s, it is closer to produce a rather than selling or providing services.

Or maybe I’m in a psychotipu prone to such activities. Or just invented and he himself believed it.

The situation is that we need an investor. By submitting a semi-annual result, the decision has decided to look for external capital. We have achieved certain success: brought into business in plus, and at once in three directions. Considering how much we have invested, you can consider such achievements, success.

But the ceiling is felt. Even if the entire profit is to go into the tick, the years will go to build a serious enterprise. I have no time so much. Therefore, we will risk.

Somehow, I told a single acquaintance that there is a foundation where you can take a semicircle of a state subsidy on a business.

He said, if there is an idea in which you believe, then the money is not a problem. I have such an idea. But there is at my young partner. He wants to open an institution for recreation, where everything is at the highest level. I will not merge the concept, I will only say that he understands what he wants. He knows how it works in Moscow, New Orc and Budapest. There are marketing research, a business plan in development.

I am far from such a movement, I would have a candle breeding in the province and live calmly. But I continue to understand where the benefit.

All our main customers and in Kazan, and in Moscow from the ferret, and we see who works t and scaled, and who quickly merge.

Moreover, we already have frames for all the main positions. We need only money, project payback year. We will definitely start this topic sooner or later.

Found an investor, but I was more interested in his project, where he wants to pull out money. Man of old quenching, for 60.

Sales Plant for the processing of automotive tires located in one of the towns of Tatarstan. Part of the money wants to invest projects that will not take attention as much as today’s business. Now I study paper on it. Owned land 5000 square meters. M and premises about 2000 squares, part of the property is leased.

Technology is unique and pariented. Lady license for RTI processing. The company works, the highlights are calculated, there are large long-term contracts, including with the refinery. Ideal history, including credit. Power allows you to produce up to 100 tone of crumbs per month.

Local authorities are ready to provide subsidies and benefits.

For investors, business is understandable. It is some time to stay on the enterprise to track and evaluate the whole process.


It is clear that young people do not want to communicate with such hemorrh. But the capital guys have already become interested.

If anyone is interested to buy this business, then write in a personal introduction to the owner.

All good!