Forced the cellular operator by half to improve the tariff, and the Internet provider and TV reduce the fee by 30%.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I did not really bother with such trifles. In the head there was a digit that the connection, the Internet and TV leaves about 1000 per month. Well, there is something to understand because of kopecks.

The calculation of providers that the people are lazy and gets used to everything. To change the company, you need to write a statement, pass the equipment, connect a new one. And for what? To 100-200 rubles. Save a month?

So I’m lazy.

There was really a moment when only I bought an apartment and chose the operator, he was very angry. Because the manager voiced me some conditions on the phone, and in money began to shoot in a completely different. In support of the support, they unsubscribed that the manager of something sorted apparently, they cannot give such discounts.

Then there was still a joint action of MegaFon and, which ended and the cost of the Internet and TV rose above 600 rubles.

I spat and forgot, and then I called me from MTS offered to take advantage of their services. I wrote to the Support Service that I want to break the contract, due to the high cost of service. And immediately received a personal offer with a lower subscriber board. True, it would be possible to abandon TV altogether, for I see no point, but my wife is so more convenient.

With cellular connection it turned out even more interesting. I was not going to manipulate operators, just wanted to change the tariff. 300 free minutes catastrophically became missing, and 20 gigabytes on the Internet is not enough. And the megaphone is not very taking a megaphone.

I decided to change the company. Beeline offered for the same 400 rubles. 600 min and 55 GB. Posted an application for the transfer of the room. And immediately a message came from a megaphone with a personal even more advantageous offer. For 315 rubles. per month I get 600 minutes and unlimited Internet.

For comparison, normal tariffs

The little thing seems to be engaged in business understood that the chicken on the grain pecks.

Think what to bother with an order for a cafe, you can send a seller to a magnet, buy gloves and disposable dishes. But when you start counting the costs for months, a solid amount is obtained.

With personal expenses as well. After the mani manager has started on the phone where all incomes and spending, I immediately saw the picture. From the optional minor costs grow hundreds of thousands of year.

I am sure, for many Americas did not open, but if at least one will help get rid of the optional spending, it is no longer in vain.

I wish you sanity, mental equilibrium and such income in order not to bother such savings