Features and behavior that will boost ahead of time

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

It is said that youth is the state of the soul. And I tend to agree with this. He seemed to himself an old man in 30 years, it was worth listening to his words, thoughts and take a look at the mirror. Moreover, see not wrinkles and seed in the reflection, but despondency, disappointment and anger.

Now more and more people are surrounded by people who are passionate and full of life. Although many for a long time for 40, and some are already under 70. But there are also such that it has been randomly raised and not having time to grow up. They have not changed and associated with one of these signs.

And before it was better

Well, this is a classic genre. Grumble on young people and new times. Yes, and I sin with this, but I understand that this is not always related to reality. Rather, longing for youth.

Or here my friend recently told how great it was in the 90s, they lived on the conscience of the elders watched the younger. And now everything is drinking, in the streets unsafe. Well, so approximately. A person was conserved in his past. And life perceives the last time. And he only 40 with a little. Old, hot and dress as a kid in the 90s.


In addition to life, there are no interests. Well, the maximum is filled TV series. A person ceases to develop, learn to surprise. Now such a time when the world changes rapidly. There is an opportunity to see changes for a short period of time. But no, we have created a kola and rolling over it. Neither right or left. Moreover, before the passionate people lose interest, explaining the fact that there is no time for nonsense. Life, work, children …

Life of course nailed us. What noes were on youth, it seemed that the world would take playing, and now only grumbling or with cynicism we observe what was happening.


These are the most complicated. They have hobbies, but they try to impose them to others. Most often associated with a healthy lifestyle or strict regime. There are those who consider the goal of their lives — to instill love for the homeless cats to all people. But the most common — global rescuers of humanity. This whole network of underground agents, which fights world conspiractions. Sends information about chipping, masons, rothschilds. For serious age and meaning should be serious.


Take care of yourself friends! ✊