Familiar Tajik threw an idea of additional income from 3000 per day

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Business to call what we do the language does not turn, but it is better to sit on the salary. We grab about everything, the ideas of the sea. Funny. The most surprisingly, somewhere it turns out.

There are many Tajiks and Azerbaijanis among our customers. We supply them compotes, lemonade and nectars. Someone has small pavilions in the market, and someone has whole shops in residential complexes and shopping centers.

Guys are well done, withstand competition with five and ozone. I buy home products only with them. Nuts, mangoes and tomatoes, which tomatoes, not plastic garbage. The markup is made small, but the momentum is impressive. They themselves have ideas themselves, what is better to carry in the season.

The other day I drove to the client-Tajik, and he complains that she drenched every day to export cardboard boxes from shops, which 18 in the city. Daily 40-50 pieces from each point, plus plastic vegetable boxes. I suggested cut them and take out once a few days. And then the thought flashed that he could take themselves.

I wrote here about acquaintances that they are engaged in resellers. Called one. He says that the cardboard is now in price, it is more precious than the mushroom. At the plant they rent 26 rubles. But there it is clearly needed. But if you can freeze, you can pass in the city in small batches of 17 per kg. In acceptance accepted by 9. If you need to take out, the price will already be 5 rubles.

True, there is one nuance, at the point there should be no less than 50 kg of cardboard and paper.

In several stores you can provide such a volume, there are utility rooms. But most points, such conditions do not have and are forced daily, throwing out 15-30 kg of waste paper.

Vegetable plastic boxes are also in demand, the truth should be pressed so that the air does not carry. There is an option to put such a wholesale market, immediately and the warehouse is organized there.

It seems to be a muddy topic, small, but you understand that the money is simply floating. The goods are easy, and the transportation costs are rather big. After all, you can come up with something.

But the boxes then they do not throw out the garbage, they will take a dump. There is a gazelle. Suggested to bring them all the cardboard on our warehouse, and we will make a good discount on compotes for this. According to the estimates of up to 5 tons per week, it turns out, and from our warehouse, let them take wholesale. For such a volume, the price is already higher than 5 rubles. will.

It was smooth on paper …. but what will come of this, I will definitely write. Ideas are a lot, too lazy to do.