Everyone needs «Natatari».

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

«Find us Natatari. In the appendage, we will take all of your goods,» as one, the owners of cafes and restaurants are observed.

I didn’t hear anything about this brand before. For many years used other drinks. For me, that lemonade that the rest of the soda is all one. As it began to join a healthy lifestyle, as a party, I wonder everything is sweet and carbonated. Is that Tarkhun tried several times at the festive events several times.

But now, by the nature of their activities, it is necessary to dive into the market of non-alcoholic beverages. I was surprised to find out that almost the most popular lemonade in the country is considered

Most restaurants, cafes and even shops are asking for it. The truth is noticed that if we find a worthy alternative, then ready to consider.

What kind of overseas and domestic products do not offer, but the first question

A little peeling, it turns out that only this lemonade also sells Uzbeks in their tents with dried fruits, and Azerbaijanis in kiosks with vegetables, and in all elite eastern restaurants it is served. Even a large local network is ready to cooperate with us, provided that we will supply this lemonade.

Wholesale price in Kazan markets from 55 rubles.

A little about the lemonade

Natahtari is considered the best Georgian lemonade. It began to produce it in 1991 in Akhalgori. In 2005, the company attracted major investments to which a new plant was built. Now the lemonade is bottled in the Mukhran Valley. The secret of unique taste lies in special water, which is taken from a mining source.

The assortment of tastes is large: tarhoon, grape, pear, lemon, orange, ethagonic, facea, peach, cream and chocolate, lemon, lemon and mint, apple, crimson, white grapes, cream. Especially popular uses «Saperavi», made on the basis of the juice of red grapes.

Other lemonades are produced in Georgia, such as «Kazbegi», «Lagidze» «of the Sedition» and others. But it was Natahtari who won the hearts of Russians. And quite deserved.

To the question of uniqueness

Lemonade consumers say it is really tasty. Therefore, the analogues of competition are not kept. But they are very asked to find something similar, but more premium. Maybe I consciously, this lemonade noticed, but subconsciously he is associated with the market and inexpensive kiosks.

Looking for lemonade

I have to overpay for the brand. Therefore, the price is high, and the deficit is formed.

My friends a few years ago launched the production of a premium beverage BISS based on natural herbs, berries and fruits. The highlight of the lemonade was what he was made on the basis of American Stevia. The price turned out too high. But the point in this beginning is not yet delivered. Maybe just not at that time he appeared on the market.

Now something like that has come well.

Waiting for your recommendation Friends. What limonads can you advise?