Energy saving mode during the decline of forces

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I am writing and understanding slowly with the reasons regularly converting chronic fatigue on me. While will overcome the attack does not work, you have to adapt.

Wise people say that life is cyclical, and there are all such differences, perhaps not so pronounced, but there is. Sometimes we are on the rise, sometimes on the decline.

I have such a condition accompanied by some other nervous stress in the stomach. Perhaps the fact that I do not accept it. But I wake up and first feeling, then thoughts. Anger on yourself and organism. There you do not even have time to track. And already negative. From one thought that you need to go to put the teapot badly, but it is not better to lie too. You know, there are still procedures, the code standing over the bathroom is getting my head, and the knees are trembling. And this is despite the fact that on normal days I easily run a dozen and press 70 times. Although the last year reduced physically loads to


I haven’t found a cardinal solution yet, but there are tools, how to act, if rolled out. It is not always possible to enable energy-saving mode and relax a week.

Three minutes of meditation, usual reading or listening to audiobooks, and I already sleep.

Such periods last from several days to 3 weeks. And the most important task is not to resist the manifestation, do not turn on the anger, not to overcome his power of will. And I want. But the consequences are even worse. It’s hard to take, I want to solve once and for all.

To date, the solution is to ensure that the body is recovered in the shortest possible time. Now I am starting a new survey course. Although there are no big expectations, as well as the desire to absorb various drugs with tons. I am looking for more eco-friendly ways to adjust the body.

I wish you always stay in a tone, and a good day friends!