Do not pass by.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I look closely to people at the age, which is really difficult, I try not to pass by, if I can help. Who is hardly moving, poorly focuses and says. Here with a normal reserve of energy and the reaction to live is not easy. And what is it?

Yes, we were taught to notice those who are difficult to help weak. Grandma across the road to translate, disabled place to give in public transport. But all this was perceived as a rule, and old age and weakness as a different world, as the future, which almost never comes.

Now you look somewhat different. In the church you feel all the pain and severity of the same grandmother with a wand that cannot go the road to get on a prem to the doctor in the clinic. Introduce on yourself, on your parents who are also not young. And hope that there will always be people who will help.

And how many we do not see at all? They do not leave their apartments, can not. I remember came to congratulate the veteran. Grandfather on the wall moves, but it is no longer solved on the street. He had tears in her eyes —

After all, life, you do not know anything about it and not notice in your personal household. Maybe it is right. There is a day, you live with him, why complicate yourself with meaningless reflections?

Now it is customary to scold the younger generation. Mol egoism flourishes. Before any ideology, and it was something more than satisfying personal needs and ambitions.

But they did not create such conditions. I am sure, there are enough normal guys. Recently, a grandmother was sitting in the shopping center near us. Looking a little lost. For several times, guys and girls were approached several times, asked how she feels, whether he did not happen. Offered money. Maybe only seems to us that the world became indifferent? You can still believe in people.

And who is insured? Money, children, will you freeze everywhere? It remains to take. The likelihood that you will jump in life, and then quietly peacefully perish, not so great.

Why do you write all this lech? No benefit to people you do not bring?. For myself, what emotions are obtained only so. I do my findings too. Although what conclusions are there, what do we do not know? What health is our responsibility and do you need it to be with the violence?

We know of course, but only the mind. The body usually reaches the body when the rooster is already back.

And even thoughts that help a little removing the protection and feel that alive. And most importantly —

Genetics, injuries and much that is not in our power, but what we can do and for your health and for those who need help!

Take care of yourself friends, take care of loved ones and do not be indifferent!