Daughter gave to kindergarten and lost peace.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

About the question and answer at the end. So far about the pressing.


With adequacy of expectations, I have no problems. I understood that it would be not easy, but still.

They prank at home. From September 1, went to the kindergarten.

There are health problems. The daughter says badly, Valgus. It is not clear what doctors listen. Contradict each other.

Food in children’s neurology, where they gave the direction to a specialized kindergarten for a month. Still in the rehabilitation center, but there must be waiting

Life comes with its problems and joy. The first visits to the garden called the daughter of delight. But after two days I refused to go flat.

From morning the play is something with something. And after the kindergarten on the nerves, the whole, whispering, throws things.

Another spouse somehow came after her, and the old teacher reported her for a broken glass, and she cries. Grandma is 84 years old, there is no one to work to work more, there are even more good reason. So far I study, how to treat it to this, in order not to disseminate all @ Beniam. I’m angry and worried.

But in a specialized kindergarten went with joy, there from her dust blowing. And with a speech it became better. True, after a week, he slotted with bronchitis, for her a spouse.

My work has fallen and your health is far from the ideal. This channel is dying, writing less motivation. It is necessary to switch to positive.

I sit, I think how to leave them. In the morning to Moscow.

Dried and frees. Now about serious.

Today married a friend. My peer. Before that, repeatedly talked about a particular lifestyle. He talked about his experiences, about the hardness and sadness of the Bachelor of Beta. I am about my own.

It is clear that there is no correct and wrong, but sometimes to understand you need to try.

You can tell about marriage for a long time, as good and not very. This simulator for growth and humility is definitely. It will not work immediately in comfort and mental balance. We must earn the work on relationships.

About the child a special story. Here you will not understand until you become a father that you will feel. I could not even imagine how it was. Moreover, in adulthood, when the revolutions are no longer inspired.

She is my biggest gift in life.

I try not to regret anything. But at the moment when everything goes crookedly, I think well, why I got into this vanity and nervous. When the storm subsides, I understand perfectly, for what I did it. I would not live in any peace and pacification. Only about yourself.

But about the fact that he became a father, did not regret never. Although up to 35 I thought that I could hardly have children. No tips, everyone goes to their own way.

All good✊.