Can I be real after 40?

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Psychologists and a guru of happiness teach us true, understand their motives and desires, and not live with installations and imposed dogmas. Of course, but you can release the beast.

You think that here it is my foundation, and you will think that it will be that the parents of the teacher, society, the street. What is present in us, except for the desire to eat, drink, sleep ….?

So I really want, family, career, big house, workshop, live up to 100, play sports and business? Or is it all so to fit into the surrounding reality?

The other day began to watch the series «Crystal», by the way the Rating on the KP for 8. There’s a scene where the Sledak is shipping the maniac to recognize. It presses that only units can afford to be real and recognize it. I think humanity will not withstand such a scenario.

«.. We have two in your head. One right, the other is real. One goes to work, drives children to school, and the other all this circus hates … «


I thought so in my childhood about our teacher, who was the right one in the world. Everything is okay and beautiful, a snow-white blouse and a chawed look, as a reflection of everything internally.

But it does not happen

And how I sometimes want to tell everything, forget and fall apart. Boohat, eat, well, farther on the list.

So where are we real?

Those who do not want pain, poverty, fear?

For this, all the fuss for money, health?

An attempt to keep a fragile balance.

There are people who know how to broadcast happiness and implement themselves in many areas, but there are few of them, and nobody sees their inner war. The rest have to wear masks and force yourself to do to survive, even if it is externally beautiful.

One for the sake of Ponta climbs into debt, the other comes with a dream to practicality.

We are all looking for equilibrium and peace. Configure yourself to get the path less comfortable.

For myself, I built a vector, but is it definitely not a versatile way of being? So I pick up so much stormo. In order not to suffer the pain physical, so as not to torment the conscience.

And sometimes it turns out to make decisions based on love and then filled with light. Maybe God is just love. At these moments, without vodka, you feel warm and bliss.

I apologize for Morning Brad. But sometimes you need to merge to stop the reflection.

I wish my sincere equilibrium and not bother everyone with nonsense!