By 40 years stopped fighting life, and changes began.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Its crisis overtakes everyone, regardless of the size of the wallet, and other attributes of successful life. And even the brains and the correct upbringing will not be removed from emotional failures and deadlocks. This is fine.

Sometimes the imagination is drawing to us beautiful pictures about the life of others. Born in a secured family and live always beautifully and happily. In his youth thought, looking at the majors at the institute. All they have a bundle, always not more fun and in search of pleasures. But to call them with full-fledged people did not turn the language. There were always more interesting other nature. Who yourself, through the search.

And I all went somehow crooked. There were problems with the law, with alcohol, did not fit with the work with the girls. Not that I did not like herself much, I really did not work. Somewhere in understandable systems (in school, sports) realized itself to the pores before time.

And in real life nothing turned out. Chaos in the head, problems with motivation, desires and benchmarks at some stage at all thought that I was some kind of foreign in this world. Well, there were those who quoplet, stole, traded themselves, or vice versa at all out of the house did not go out. And there were normal, who studied, worked, created families, drove twice a year for overseas resorts -All according to plan. And I did not have to identify myself.

It seems that the middle-aged crisis has begun from birth, reaching his peak by 33 years.

«Lech Live is easier, which you are soared. There is life and there are care and joy, «

I was killed that someone could look at things like that, not just declaring, but feeling. I tried of course to engage in self-deception and tell him positive stories. But we really realize no more than 10% of the percent of the processes and the subconscious will not deceive.

I continued to drink, fight, unsuccessfully tied with alcohol, nicotine. Destroyed the relationship, dismissed from work, leaving to other cities.

Today I understand myself more and people. Through your bottom there are all, for this it is not necessary to kill themselves chemistry. Everyone has its depth. I want to say to those who are hard, who has a very difficult situation in life — maybe you live the most important, turning point of your life.

In such cases, they say that you need to not lower your hands and go ahead. But I entered otherwise, stopped fighting. I surrendered, and the acceptance of myself and the crisis came. What I’m so complicated, but it is normal. I fought all my life with myself, spending all the energy for it.

And there is no secret, or wonderful simultaneous rebirth. There is a process of life, growth, passage of lessons, and our task to learn how to enjoy the process.