But before the sausages from meat did, and the buses-luniter were comfortable

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Honestly confess, vodka in the 80s has not yet drank. For the first time I tried in the beginning of the 90s. I will not have a native wheat. Although there was already a lot of beautiful and cheap surrogate in the stalls.

But sausages and sausages perfectly remember. I give to the tooth — we were tastier

The picture of the time stands in front of the eyes: queues in the beer and the reception of glass containers, coupons, huge empty counters in the grocery.

The picture is cute, if you do not go into the nuances. Sometimes I watch Soviet movies, some inconspicuous frame clings inside the longing era and youth.

There is a young guy in the early morning at the Institute for the Beautiful Code. On empty streets pass cars, watering asphalt. Blue sky, flowers, people on special boards reads newspapers, cozy trolleybuses stimulate with mustache. Ahead is only good and bright …

And you start to twist about how it was good, mentally, atmospheric. And now what? Plastic tomatoes, soulless teens and degrading society)))

I recently read the article that many Germans are nostalgic at the time of the GDR. There was order, ideology, goal. But many are not all. Rather, those who were able to finish something in the system and did not find themselves in New Germany.

We are typical of idealize the past. In this insidency of memory. We completely compress the entire negative, and some pictures cause a response inside.

There is someone for more hard times toggave. This is fine.

But if you try to impartially look at reality, without binding to your own youth. Would you like to return to those times forever?

Ride at all comfortable lunas. For me, it was always miracle that they did not turn over the turns. Stand in the queues if not for vodka, then for dairy. If you start remembering, somehow the heat is becoming smaller. Sausage will definitely not exceed.

I noticed that I had such nostalgia when I want to escape from reality, from my own age. But it is necessary to get rid of it .. We live today today, and all that we have is time.

Each time has its advantages. But it is more profitable for us to be in the present and see everything good that surrounds us. Otherwise, nothing but bitter and regret will not remain.