Business — the business of young, after 40 you need cucumbers on the plot grow

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

If not to 30 «man», then you will not be. Live calmly. And this has to hear. That’s just calm — uninteresting. Tomatoes on pensions will grow, after 67

We live in a swamp, while there is such an opportunity. But if you lose it, then the thinking begins to work and the energy appears. It is easier for me to act at the conditions when there is no possibility. Doubts and internal trading disappear.

I’m in debt all my life. I just did not know how to dispose of neither money or time or other resources. Yes, and the lifestyle was rather devastating than the creative. Alcohol and fear prevented very much. Di and wanted rapid results, so it was started in different adventures.

Everything has changed at 35 years old. Since then, slowly straightened his position and even managed to do something. All thanks to the discipline, useful habits and honesty in front of them. Sports, hobbies, studies, additional income appeared in life.

I refused some projects from prudence. I understood that I did not pull. Better blind in hand.

Businessmen and leaders they have been different since childhood: rod as tanks and believe in success. I would calmly serve my term on earth))). But inside quietly fucked and deprived of peace. Life passes, and the swamp is not going anywhere. Although with debts, but you can always return, but it will be what to remember.

I exaggerate, but only a little)))

I have already written about the island in the mall. I can say that for 3 months, sales rose by 50% and the point is in profit. Let a small but still. I bought it for only 100,000, and I spend a few hours a week.

But the main direction was associated with wholesale sales, with the prospect of establishing production.

Though the businessman did not feel herself, it was to rely on: familiar manufacturers and sellers, cash that could take on a revolch without percentage. But this was not enough. Orders grow every day, and there are no resources. Part of the goods depended in the warehouse. Well, not to lose money you need to carry the wagons.

There are people who want to enter into a share with their capital. Moreover, they offer their projects and purchases of expensive franchises, with the condition that we will do them. New ideas and related directions appear.

The fears are. But if you think, what is afraid? I had multi-million dollants in my life, but nothing alive. All the worst options calculated, the best too. While there is strength and desire to move, because the movement is life.