Business in the style of the 90s.

29 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

The other day they took a car with a commodity, and the driver with nostalgia noticed that all of our bustle reminds him of the 90s. The stalls are styled by all that only possible and round-the-clock driving.

He himself remembered how they were on duty in these stalls and in food bases. Then it seemed that the country in the country was green light, despite inflation, racket and other difficulties. But the dirty times in the past, and the whole entrepreneurial mock of the people came up. Such fools as we have almost left.

Nowadays, only Azerbaijanis, and the Vietnamese on wholesale markets are engaged in. And then sit on their warehouses and trade even more ancient way. Everything else was confused by large players. And this is our chance.

The scheme is simple — covering manufacturers and large importers drinks on distribution prices and sell everywhere where you can.

Long thought over the product and sales tools. It seems that all have long been focused on the network and modern ways to promote. For a long time they were engaged in Internet marketing. But they stopped on direct sales. Moreover, among close families, manufacturers were found.

We comcece with your set to the owners of restaurants, bars and clubs.

30 percent immediately say yes, the rest are asking for time to think. Because there is no alternative except cola, and this is not good.

They are still surprised, they say no one with such proposals to them did not appeal. Themselves ride on the market, once a week.

Prices of course put higher than for retail chains. But the service: delivery, always store the balance in the warehouse, we provide a refrigerator with a certain purchase.

Many owners complain that there are no necessary goods on the market, but they have an urgent need. For me, this is the golden bottom.

To date, debts grow together together. New customers need to be serviced. At the same time, the goods in the warehouse is not delayed. Call already from neighboring cities.

We did not expect that I would do that, I thought a little spout to May. But it turned out well. It would be enough for the reserve of safety for the season.

Restaurants and cafes bring main income, because marginality is high and working with them prepaid. Purchase of each point from 500 to 1500 positions per month.

With local networks, too, a common language has found a common language, here more to the future.

But no matter how it would not want to put on federal networks and marketers. With the second easier and there we are already present. But, if there is no product in the magnet and the top five, then it does not mean it. The entire chain will have to work, even if the benefits are big.

And the plans for the HS is grandiose. Aims to produce their own compotes and nectars. And then without magnets and Auchans can not do. Oligopoly, Cho ….