Business — escape from yourself?

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

The diagnosis is delivered. So they write me, and some say. Business is needed to escape about feasures, wives, complexes and loneliness. And most likely, there is a large proportion of truth. But it is important for me to understand that the reason is not only in this.

I have long been watching the process of making serious solutions. Sale of a car apartment, dismissing moving to another city, rejection of cigarettes, charity. Eachmost there are many different reasons. Somewhere and fears, and external manipulations, and wine, and a lot more. And somewhere in general there was no solution, a compulsion pure water.

Smart people say that we are aware of only percentage 15, and everything else is happening without our participation.

With those who calculated me, I will not argue. I will only say that the assessment, condemnation and diagnosis is also not only a positive reason.

Well, now about loneliness. I like this topic, often it exploit.

Most people with age limit time on communications. When, I was small, we constantly went with your parents to relatives and friends to visit, to the country. Now they will not stretch their silk anywhere. Just disappeared. The point is not insulation, and escape from something.

There are those who still like to live so much: to communicate for vaccinations, politics, to be in vanity, in communication, call to kypishhev, but for many it is already empty.

Again, someone will say that this is a cocoon and loss of interest in life, and someone will answer that this maturity, self-sufficiency and teaching to separate the primary from the secondary one. After 40, you understand that there is no place to escape and relief and relaxation comes.

I also need less communication. But high-quality, with friends and close people in spirit, it is necessary as air.

There was a time when I felt that I was separately, and the world was separately. Tormented from this. But I coped and now I really appreciate my loneliness. Business, this blog, Instagram account — Tools Interaction with the world.

And business yes, running from unrealizations, fear to stay without money and not get everything I want to get, and much from what. And also striving to create, creativity, sales, energy. Truth? Of course it’s true. The world is not black and white and this is his beauty. Otherwise, we would all be practical swollen.

We are not cars and it’s great.

Business, hiring, self-employment — no matter. And it is important to create, give and receive in response, it will respond inside with heat and harmony. Do those actions that bring satisfaction, and not remorse. Well, I think so.