Bought tickets to the Crimea, but on the eve of the departure got sick.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

We do not fly anywhere, but it could be worse.

And so waited, especially the spouse. Tickets were purchased, the hotel is booked, even the suitcase is assembled. And the wife fell ill: Temperature, breaking, no sense of smell.

The doctor wrote the hospital for 2 weeks, but no tests, only at their own expense. She said if breathing problems begin, call. Appointed medicines, which in pharmacies there are no city, and that’s all.

As they were able to do, God will give God. As my mother says, it means that I will remove you from some other troubles. They came with dad in the fall.

The hotel Bristol has previously issued a reservation when a 35% prepayment is made, which is not returned, and the price of residence is significantly reduced. It remains either to lose money or pick up other dates. Chose a race from January 31, if suddenly it does not work, it will be possible to transfer again.

I thought that tickets to the company S7 were disappeared. I never flew to the louctoros, but when booking I was asked to pay the return option, which I did not. It turned out that I have a tariff «Economy Standard», with the possibility of returning 11 thousand, with a loss of about 30% of the cost with a loss, or take a certificate for 15 thousand. True tickets bought for 16 with a penny.

I chose the third option — exchanged for other dates, paying 2 thousand.

If suddenly it does not work at all, I will take the certificate.

But I’m even glad, there was no desire to fly in these numbers. Already prevented in advance, I can not disconnect. On the eve of the new year, a small nutritional enterprise was bought with a partner and a lot of cases have accumulated: an invoice to unlock, solve issues with Rospotrebnadzor and SanEpidstation, connect food delivery aggregators, etc, etc.

Although we agreed on our trip, but concerns have been growing like a snowball and destroy them only on weekdays.

Now it would be no one to fall and hold a spouse with my daughter. Still, there is in hiring advantages — at least somehow socially protected. If the business is successful, the role of protection is played by money. And ate a small enterprise, where everything keeps on you, then three days can not be fine or relaxed. Not only do not earn, everything can collapse, as the business wife collapsed during the decree.

And so I took the hospital and calmly treat. Feel bad, but with the feeling that you have right. And they will not be fired simply, and it is not necessary to think about the accompanying issues, know do our job. Yes, well where we are not. Va is our task to do well where we are. And what other top meanings are needed? Do what should and will be what will happen …