Bought for 100,000 island in the mall.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

If it is lazy to work at the factory, and to bloggers to go — the upbringing does not allow, you can buy a small business and not to bathe more. Grey — know the money shovel 😄

If you leave this point in the form in which it is now, I would not bother the purchase. Although a couple of thousands clean on it can be done and now it is not the biggest download.

If you stand for the counter, it becomes even more interesting. But not for the sake of this, everything was stood, in the plans we have to change the format and line of products, but still sell Hong Kong waffles, dogs, male cervices, coffee, hot ice cream, etc.

By approximate calculations, the point for the 20s of the January day earned about 30,000 pure. The amount is small, but if you estimate that the cost of buying is only 98,000 (2000 discount made)))), then not so bad. In addition, the January weekend is definitely not an indicator.

For themselves, they did not bother with particular computing, because in February the range will change much. But the main costs calculated.

And then another buyer of the revered years decided to bring us on clean water. I also had to tell him how everything was arranged.

How much is your waffle?

280 rubles

Too expensive? I wonder how much products are for it?

from 70 to 100 rubles. average

How much do you make bourgeois on us?

Do not blame my father, because products are not even half of the cost. For example, 10,000 revenues, minus 3 000 rubles. Products, minus 1500 rubles. Salary, minus 800 rubles. Rent and communal car, minus 600 rubles. tax, minus 250 rubles. acquaring minus 80 rubles. online cash, minus 300 rubles. Other purchases for point maintenance. And advertising, repair, sanitization, insurance premiums, etc. From revenue of 10,000 rubles. You need to put a second employee for which you need to pay taxes. Not a business, but free ministry. So if 1.5-2 thousand will earn, consider lucky.

I do not worry brains, it is necessary to pay taxes. Whoever believes you pay, no one pays. Stalin on you. Eh were dumplings which in our time, drums of 9 kopecks, and donuts 3 and buffets ruddy, not the fact that the current herring. Come on your waftle, and the discount of the pensioner do, if there is a conscience.

That’s how. Low. And then we live in the illusions of your numbers, and we do not know how much rich. And do not appreciate what we have. How properly perceive health, youth and possibilities. And then we will remember these simple moments as the best lifetime. And scold everyone who does not live like that))))

Thank you Father, which reminded!

Master class for friends))))