Bought a business on the fifth top ten.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Each time I convince myself that the business is not for me, but still climb into this swamp.

I am not that all my life in hiring, but most of exactly. Even in the 8th grade began working as a assistant in the rehabilitation center. It did not occupy a lot of time, and at the salary in the 90s you could buy pieces of 20 snickers. Although there was a moment when I received the amount with the premium the amount on which the VCR acquired. But the experience of the Capal. And by the age of 20 for 5 years.

Then he was interrupted, there was a period of shabbes and any unofficial part-time job on a construction site in furniture workshops, etc. In parallel, I tried to spin buy-sell. But Torgash is no.

In hiring it turned out better. And comfortable. I am from those who are easier to work when there is no way to work. Plus, you can always shift responsibility, go to sick leave, on vacation. Familiar merchants about such a dream could not even. And not everyone earned so much to compensate for this moment.

Endless bustle and stress, without weekends and vacations.

But for some reason always believed that sooner or later I would work on myself. More precisely, I wanted work to be a minimum or general passive income. To make a useful business, and not distracted by the OS Operation and come with officials.

But continued to work in the hiring: electrician, economist, manager. He quit at 34, went to St. Petersburg. Then moved in construction, opened the store. And again returned to hiring. On a leadership position in the higher educational institution.

In general, I understood that I would like more about the business, but the comfort zone is hiring. There is still freelance, but there is generally difficult. There are no big money and not foreseen, but you need to make yourself work yourself.

There was a relatively successful business of his wife, but it was covered in the decole. Why successful, but because most undertakings close in the first year. And she was able to withdraw her plus and lasted for several years. Now reanimate it. But here it is easier, all the nuances are known. You only need investment and competent marketing company.

I found myself a breakwater option. Cafe and food delivery. I never wanted to do it. Here you sell for example a haberdashery, nothing will deteriorate, you do not need to bother with frames, to solve endless questions with SanEpidemstation .. And then …

In general, the only option on such adventures, only with someone who understands this, moreover. Found a partner to whom this is the case. I took the economy and supply, everything else on it.

The matter went. What will write about.

All good!