Began business in 41, but around the bold youth.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

To start a business in 41, if never engaged in them — many are crushed insane. Youth now inadequate and irresponsible say they. In these statements, there is some truth, but it is not so bad.

So that they did not speak about the infantile youth, living in the virtual world, it is really not easy to argue with them. Age is age — enthusiasm, energy, drive, faith in yourself. In business, this set often breaks through walls that cannot destroy knowledge and experience.

They are in the trend, easily capture new trends, more flexible and susceptible to the new one.

And yes, they are in the virtual world as a fish in the water, and the business, you want, do not want, gradually goes there.

And how to compete or work on equal, if these advantages are lost with age? While hold, I try to use my trumps.

There are ones and peers — entrepreneurs, and those who are older. But the difference is felt. Recently came to one restaurant, the founder of 50 years and the bar manager twice the younger was released.

A young guy has tried drinks, reflected on what a cocktails can be made, about what they are drinking in the Emirates. Creative on the go, was opened and friendly. And the stern owner of the restaurant just sat and frowned. He had already initially perceived us as enemies who want to fuck him. Then he said that it was too pronounced and that’s it.

Such life experience, he himself often perceive such communications as a small war.

Or sell the car, they come overbugs, also my peers. Their arrogant and the cunning way to communicate is so annoying that he immediately wants to send. But apparently, it cannot be otherwise, but for someone there are similar manipulations, otherwise it would have been extinct as a class.

To do business to rigidly replay opponent, and young people understand that it is necessary to interact that the benefit should be mutual, only then maybe long-term, high-quality and successful cooperation.

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And they are. Youth rushing, few fears, but at the same time there is infantility, irresponsibility, dullness and inexperience.

If you have promised something, it does not mean what to do. May not come to the meeting, turn off the phone, or just forget about the promises. And this is a reputation. She is at all times on the weight of gold.

We have several suppliers, they differ from all. It is nice to work with any curves, intrigues and deception. Said, did, and qualitatively. If they asked them about something, do not think about the benefit only, and are always ready to help.

So I try to work. Maybe a business and wolf deal, but I see how the decent people seek success.