As we went to Ozon and Waldberris💰 how much we plan to earn money

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл


Unfortunately, I am not Ayaz Shabutdinov and I can not promise that everyone can earn its millions there. And the better to trade on these sites, too, I don’t know yet. Now they took this direction separately, while analyzing the niches and demand.

Marketplates Another advance channel for our basic business. I mean drinks not the best product for enriching the network. Starting with it is definitely not worth it. But if you already do this direction, of course it is worth being present. Especially if you are promoting any brand.

We registered and shipped themselves, without intermediaries. We were helped by friends who have already passed this path. By the way, they are a living example of how for a year you can

Pro Pricing and Commission on Ozon

One of our main products — juice

But to leave yourself the same profits, it will cost it on a marketer 130 rubles. Of which Ozon will take half.

And the cost of packaging and printing stickers. Appreciation for another 3-5 rubles per bottle.

But the main costs are associated with Promotion. Such a product will not sell itself quickly. You need to gain a lot of purchases, reviews and high ratings. There are someone on what methods is much. Someone pays bloggers, someone contextual advertising, and someone sponsors purchases from their pocket. Still always need to participate in various promotions.

To earn in our case you need to have a big store with thousands of positions and a small cheating.


I wrote about the fact that money does not come, and the support service does not respond. As a result, they were redeemed before the leadership and figured out everything. There was a failure in the program and we did not show the Commission that they hold. But now another letter came and we really are shocked. It turns out we must for acceptance of more than 80,000 rubles. It is free, but there are periods when it becomes paid. We understand further.

What to trade?

The possibilities in the network are huge. Now it is the time that you can really earn. Therefore, we decided to do it closely. They took an employee who passed special training for 26,000 rubles. It is unlikely that it costs so much, but time does not need to lose on different nuances.

Allocated a budget of 100,000 rubles. We carry out several goods that should be sold well. According to the secret one — buy cheap, sell expensive and much. It is desirable that the demand does not fade in a couple of months, like the spiners and trying. So it is necessary that the product be really useful.

It turned out Savbouro. I will try to systematize a little and step by step to state the whole process. I will also write about progress and mistakes.