As we started the goods on Wildberiz.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

After the article about shipping to marketers, he received dozens of letters asking more about our experience.

When we started goods on Vaildberry and Ozone, I did not expect big profits. Perfectly understood that food is not the best product for these sites. Just a big competition, and the minimum profit.

For us, this opportunity to get another sales tool and brand development, which we present in Russia.

But realizing the possibilities of Internet sites, we decided to create a separate project for this directions. Search for goods on which you can earn.

First of all, found people who already earn and asked to share experiences. Here it is important to see with our own eyes how profits are formed. And that there is nothing supernatural about it. Only work, analytics and perseverance. The share of good luck is also present, but this factor can be minimized.

The easiest

Register, issue all the necessary documents, fill the cards of goods — the case of technology. Any schoolboy can do it quickly with a small level of motivation. Even with packaging and shipping will cope. Although we are tormented with Tim.

If you trade legally, there should be no problems. And even the replicas and fake people sell, but here is a separate science.

The most difficult

The two most important points are the choice of a niche or product and its promotion on the platform. Some types of goods have hundreds of pages and tens of thousands of sellers. And only those who are on the first search page earn.

Everything is simple and difficult to: find a demanded product and get to the first search page, preferably in several categories.

If there is money for promotion, then everything is easier. But many can be moved without financial injections.

For this you need:

Correct the goods cards correctly so that it will be in some kind of categories as possible.

To ship into the capital warehouses, because half of the buyers is in Moscow, and one of the key factors of choice becomes the speed of delivery.

To ship a lot and prevent the goods end.

Participate in promotions and make a discount.

Organize product redemption and reviews, preferably from different cities. Just do not ask relatives, otherwise the review will be excluded from the rating.

In addition, we advertised the goods through bloggers in Instagram and set up contextual advertising. Some goods immediately began to be sold and rose in the ranking, everything is not so riser with others.

Nuances hundreds. One pricing of what is worth it, but all this can be studied than we are doing now. In this matter, it is not easy to do with problems, I want to merge and throw everything. But we attracted a partner to this direction of an experienced manager and our friends who traded mattresses, their own production and children’s clothing for dancing.

As a result, it turned out such a party, in which we are looking for solutions and new approaches to business. Work turns into the game. I will share new knowledge and experience.