Almost passive income per 100,000. I do not invest anything, and the profit grows 4th month

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I continue to talk about my adventure. Business is alive and even grows.

To be honest, I have no time to do it. We pay from the strength a few hours a week. Purchase to do, report for yourself and administration. The plans were huge, but the new project will take away all the time, and most importantly all means.

Sometimes I even annoy and want to sell when at the most inopportune moment requires attention.

With this situation, no profit could not be waiting. Otherwise, what a fool would sell almost passive income. But the fact remains a fact, they have already taken from there to another direction of 40,000 rubles. And as much as much as the score. And a business card regularly spend on your own needs.

True, soon you need to make a big purchase, but there is still time. In general, quite profitable, if you still work yourself, then you can go well, given the amount of investments.

The average revenue during this time rose from 3500 to 5,000 to dance, due to the expansion of the range. The main direction is -Vafli, ice cream, coffee and Milkcheki.

We added more sweets and drinks from Europe. Revenue growth and new customers appear through this product. The truth is the island is not designed for such sales, there is not even a normal showcase. It was possible to refuse cooking at all, but this is the requirement of the administration, for which we get preferential rent.

In any case, it was going to change the design, at the same time and glass showcases by order. Having got good from the local bosses, the design of the designers ordered.

By the way, help choose the best. Task with minimal to make a more functional place, harmoniously combining a mini cafe and shop.

If we are implementing everything, it will be the rules.

According to the most pessimistic calculations, revenue to the season will grow times in 3. If in February, cool drinks and ice cream gives profit, then in summer everything will be much more fun. It’s small — to invest in design, equipment, assortment and advertising. That’s just missing resources. First of all, emotional, financial too. Wake up and want to fall into sleep again, so much on the day of tasks you need to close.

Get out where to go. And you start moving slowly. I want to do the cafe, there is small and choke not scary. But not for the sake of 4,000 rubles a day, everything was stood. Problems, debts and speeds there are several other scales.

Although the cafe can be cheated to the franchise. I would like to say that everything is simple, you need not to be afraid and do. But it is not. Very cool when it turns out everything. But it seems to me the key quality of the entrepreneur is to act regardless of mood and hormonal background. You can be afraid, regret, cover all the three-story … but do. I am a little different. And hardly alone pulled even a cafe. Although probably pulled. All the same, that does not need to tear, but it is enough to work with the soul and not to regret invest.

Another question. Need a fridge cabinet for drinks. It is advisable not more than 20,000. Coca -Kol gives free of charge with a minimum purchase at 2300 rubles per month. But other products put it there. It does not affect us. So, if there are options, write in a personal or by mail.

Thanks in advance!