All life is hard, and one day you can live on conscience

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

How to comprehend the most important thing in life?

There is such an exercise, you need to imagine that it remains to live, week or month. It is proposed to think about what we would do at this time. This technique should clean our brain from all over, what our life is scored, leaving only the most valuable and important.

All unrest and experiences can be discarded, all human installations too. You can safely send away the manipulators, the chief saders, the unloved work, someone else’s opinion, clothes, cars, mortgages … although it’s not so simple with the latter.

It is important only what you feel and what you believe. Close, relatives, conscience, God, are the case that must be finished.

I tried somehow, I did not succeed. I first thought about alcohol, then about loved ones. And really much becomes no matter. You can no longer build illusions and plans for life. For a living dead man — this is normal. But the lack of goals completely deprives some point.

«Live every day, as the last» — Some say, meant the full emotions under it. But I just think joy and enthusiasm will take a break. Sea, parachutes, Mercedes and other sources of emotion will lose their attractiveness.

The Bible says that we do not care about tomorrow, today’s enough. I always believed that I mean, you should not worry about things that we cannot control. It is necessary to focus on the process, and not on the result. But Sani, then you need to prepare in the summer.

Still last day and hope for a long life is not the same thing. But something made something for myself. And something, I really live every day, as the last.

I live one day on conscience and most consciously. I threw it so smoking. He said to himself that you need to hold out only, and tomorrow will be seen. All your life to endure, be strong, honest and good too hard. But one day just right. You can withstand both workouts and work, and not to be offended or anger. And plans for the future and today’s joys are available.

Very good method, if you want to implement a useful habit or get rid of harmful.

One day we are able to worry about the future really meaning the big one!


All sincere equilibrium friends!