After 50, it is necessary to throw the fire in the stove, and not to live.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

That’s right, I will not persuade anyone in the opposite. I also sometimes write that in 60 years we feel athletes, create families, rock bands, put records, etc. All this is great. But not everyone is given. If someone can, then does not mean that everyone else can.

Own I increase when you think that everyone slept and only you are so well done. Even worse the reverse situation, when you think that they can, and you are just a sucker.

No, everyone has a different resource. And different initially. Alcoholic needs much more effort so as not to drink than an independent person. Man, deprived of talents, stress resistance and sociability, is hundreds of times harder in business. Sports high achievements only for chosen, at least how to train.

To some extent, everything can be corrected or develop, but it will be a small correction.

More importantly, the vector of the application of those qualities that we have. And this can radically change life.

And you can simply relax and enjoy. But is it just just?

I have one happy comrade. Works by the operator on the Vodokanale day through three, has a small passive income and lives in full harmony. The needs of the lower steps of the Pyramid of the Oil are satisfied, and the upper implements in creativity. Cuts from wood. Children adults, no wife, equipped Soviet paradise on the cottage and lives.

«… why not be a hedonist, because 80% of all pleasures are available for free. Food, bathing, walking, bath, reading, creativity, etc. This system is beneficial for the holidays several times a year. It worked, but Pension let him shove himself … «

On the one hand, look at clean water to live. Neither goals nor challenges, groundhog day. And on the other hand, the man accepted his capabilities at the moment and lives in equilibrium and contemplation without any meditative practices.

I ask how it came to this, says everything happened by itself. Also scolded myself that I did not achieve something, and then let go. Now it does not disturb yourself with empty regrets. It seems not to lie, although who knows him. But I can’t definitely help, no rationalization will help. Even if we secure a passive subsistence minimum.

Maybe all this bustle only from the inner inset, escape from itself, the fear of not getting less than others from life?

And maybe such a lifestyle — proceedings. Delivered and quietly lives his age, convincing himself that everything is empty?

What is the difference in what illusion to draw yourself, the main thing is to believe it and discard doubts that interfere with living.

What do you think?

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