After 40, we are all in one boat.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Again the evening was devoted to reflections. In the morning I decided to merge here.

The other day the friend quit. Called, says it is necessary to be determined with the future. Good tool, by the way, in such situations. Of course, if you do not stupidly merge your problems, but you are looking for a solution.

The same complex as me. We studied in the same institute. Dried, buzz, planned to get rich. But by profession almost did not work. He immediately engaged in transportation and quickly achieved success. But then the business was covered and the search began in hiring.

Why do you live gray people?

But it’s not about him. Told about what fear. Since childhood, there is a fear of poverty and events. Seen our yard men and did not want to live like that. At some stage, to dwell and stupidly live, getting little joy after working in a glass or courtyard. Zinki, nininka, hair curlers …

And now seeing how our peers will hump all day for 30,000 rubles and in the rain, and in a cold work. Maybe they are the happiest that regrettty and the search does not disturb their nutrola.

In 40, all losers are already.

But someone lives calmly, and someone is trying to prove the opposite day? It was possible to go to get a new profession, improve the qualifications, search more promising work. After all, before retirement will not be sure.

But so normal. There are work today, there is Friday with all the resulting, it means everything is fine.

And we are all looking, where it is better, we are afraid to miss something valuable. Bat. There are always things that do not suit. But maybe this is noto and there will be no rest in a different way. In the swamp will quit yourself. And you envy those who just live. And why have decades of struggle and searches led?

And there are no losers, just everyone lives as it can. I attached a giant volitional effort in youth to change the vector of life, but always after some time went back.

And then everything happened easier. It’s not exactly the will, discipline and brains caused changes, perhaps simply passed the necessary stage. But these are all hypotheses.


The only thing that helps from every heresy is actions. Yesterday I bought myself a sink of high pressure on the action I go to try.